School of Health and Human Sciences

Engaging faculty from diverse backgrounds and disciplines is central to our core values and advancing our mission and strategic initiatives. The Center has multiple initiatives underway that are intended to foster faculty networking and engagement to grow and support a community of scholars and practitioners focused on women’s health and wellness. Each of these opportunities are intended to synergistic in advancing the Center’s mission and the faculty member’s own scholarly and professional goals:

Research Special Interest Groups

Special interest groups are open to all University faculty and are designed to bring together faculty and community partners with common research interests central to women’s health and wellness.

Our goals for these special interest groups are to foster networking, identify shared interest and complementary expertise, and build new interdisciplinary collaborations that result in high impact research programs and grant submissions.

Learn more about Special Interest Groups under Research.

Faculty Fellows

CWHW Fellowships provide faculty with release time to pursue a well-defined interdisciplinary research project through the Center that advances both the Center’s research priorities and the Faculty Fellow’s own scholarly interests.

Faculty Fellow appointments are for one calendar year (August 1st to July 31st or January 1st – December 31st). UNCG Faculty at any level who have research and external funding expectations as part of their workload are eligible to apply.

Faculty & Staff Affiliates

Faculty and Staff Affiliates are those who are collaborating on CWHW strategic initiatives in mutually beneficial ways that both advances the Center’s mission and supports their own work and initiatives. Faculty and Staff Affiliates will receive periodic updates and communications from the Center, and will be invited to participate in an annual survey and networking event to assist the Center with ongoing needs assessment and strategic planning.

See our current list of Faculty & Staff Affiliates.

Informal Networking Events

To build a community of scholars and practitioners in women’s health and wellness, the Center plans to offer 1-2 informal networking events each semester to facilitate communication and shared interests. Look for networking events held in conjunction with a research or educational event (e.g. CWHW Speaker Series) or as a stand alone event. Specifically, in partnership with HealthyUNCG, be on the look out for monthly table talks revolved around women’s health and wellness-related topics.

See our featured stories and events tab for upcoming events.

Women’s Community and Support

CWHW is currently collaborating with other entities on campus to create a Women’s Collaborative.

The need for community and support for women faculty, staff and students is supported by both informal and informal survey data; and various department, school, and university initiatives or committees that are either addressing or have addressed in the past issues of work life balance and gender and race inequities that impact workplace satisfaction, productivity, and progress to promotion and tenure, and typically affect women more than men.

CWHW plans to offer both formal and informal networking events to enable women faculty, staff and students to gather periodically to build a sense of community, network and learn from one another, and to support and encourage them both personally and professionally. Please check our events page regularly for upcoming networking opportunities.

Research Mentoring

Training and mentoring the next generation of scientists, educators and practitioners in women’s health and wellness is one of our Core Values. Our desire is to engage and support women junior faculty from diverse backgrounds, including those who are historically under-represented (Strategic Initiative 4.3). Some of the action steps underway or that we plan to take in the next 1-2 years include:

  • Provide interdisciplinary collaboration and training opportunities in women’s health research through the CWHW Faculty Fellows program
  • Provide networking opportunities with other researchers through Special Interest Groups, Faculty Affiliate Program and Women’s Community and Support Network (see above)
  • Provide seed funding to support early stage research focused on women’s health and wellness
  • Promote scholarship through center outlets and activities (e.g. Annual Research Forum)
  • Promote events across campus that support women junior faculty