School of Health and Human Sciences

“Community Engagement is about bringing people and organizations together to make a positive, significant, and lasting difference in the world in which we live. We engage as one of many members who make up our communities. We collaborate with many through our scholarship, our teaching, research, creative activities, and service.

We engage because we know that great accomplishments, big and small, short-term and long-term, are made possible when we bring together community and university-based knowledge in and out of the classroom, as well as on and off-campus.”

UNCG Community Engagement

Building authentic relationships with the communities we serve, including those from historically underserved communities, is Central to the Center’s Mission and Core Values. Community Engagement is critical if we are to:

  • Understand the needs and inequities in our community that shape the health and wellness of women and girls
  • Have the diversity of thoughts and backgrounds at the table to inform and expand the reach and impact of our scholarship
  • Translate our research into evidence-based programs and services that directly impacts the lives of girls and women in our community
  • Adequately train and equip the next generation of scientists, educators and practitioners in women’s health and wellness
  • Offer relevant resources and services for the community

The Center has multiple initiatives underway that are intended to foster community engagement. If you have a particular need or interest in engaging with the Center, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Community Affiliates

Community Affiliates are those entities within and outside the University who support CWHW strategic initiatives in a mutually beneficial way that both advances the Center’s mission and supports their own work and initiatives.

See our current list of faculty and community affiliates. To align with our 2021-2025 strategic plan, we are working to get many initiatives underway and engage additional partners.

If you have an interest in affiliating with the Center on any of our strategic initiatives, please contact Center Director Sandy Shultz at

Special Interest Groups

Special interest groups are designed to bring together faculty and community partners with common research interests central to women’s health and wellness. Our goals for these special interest groups are to:

  • Foster networking among researchers, clinicians and community members
  • Discuss the needs and inequities in our community around women’s health and wellness
  • Identify shared interest and complementary expertise
  • Build diverse, interdisciplinary collaborations that result in high impact research programs and lead to meaningful change in the health and wellness of girls and women in our community and beyond

Learn more about Special Interest Groups under Research.

CWHW Speaker Series

The Center plans to bring to campus 1-2 speakers each year to present topics on women’s health and wellness. The type of talks may range from research, health education, health care and professional development topics. These events are open to the community.

Learn more about upcoming Speakers under Events.

Healthy Active Living Events

Healthy active living events are being planned to promote healthy active lifestyles for girls and women in the community.

These events, both formal and informal, are open to the UNCG and Greensboro community and may be held on and off campus. Informal “pop-up” events may include networking events, periodic walks at the park or yoga on the lawn.

Other events are being planned in conjunction with national calendar events related to women’s mental and physical health and wellness. See our Annual National Girls and Women in Sport Day as an example.

See our news feed and events tab for upcoming events.

Informal Networking Events

To build a community of scholars and practitioners in women’s health and wellness, the Center plans to offer 1-2 informal networking events each semester to facilitate communication and shared interests. Look for networking events held in conjunction with a research or educational event (e.g. CWHW Speaker Series) or as a stand alone event.

See our news feed and events tab for upcoming events.

Resource Page for Women’s Health and Wellness

CWHW desires to be a resource for the community by providing relevant health data and educational topics on women’s health and wellness. The Center is also developing a speaker’s bureau for community members seeking a content expert to speak at an event. Our goal is to grow these resources over time.

If there is a topic you are interested in, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Student Internship Opportunities

The Center for Women’s Health and Wellness is committed to growing the next generation of scientists, educators and practitioners in women’s health and wellness.

This includes providing research, educational, internship and networking opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers with a focus on women’s health and wellness, as well as more informal activities simply to build community.

If you are a community agency that would like to partner with the Center in fostering these opportunities, please contact the Center for Women’s Health and Wellness at