School of Health and Human Sciences

To see a numbered list, please access the 2021-2025 Strategic Goals and Initiatives (PDF).

  • Engage in high quality interdisciplinary research to understand the facilitators and barriers to mental and physical health and well-being and inform evidence-based strategies to improve the lives of girls and women
    • Develop CWHW research priorities that are consistent with vision, mission and core values
    • Develop authentic connections with community partners to maximize the research and impact of our research
    • Develop a plan to incentivize faculty researchers to affiliate with the center
    • Increase the number of grant submissions and publications through CWHW

  • Disseminate research-based information on women’s health and wellness to researchers / scholars, practicing professionals, and the general public
    • Host annual research-based conference on revolving topics central to the Center’s vision, mission, core values and research priorities
    • Develop center speaker series
    • Provide Evidence-based Research and Education Resources for the general public via the CWHW Website
    • Grow impact and reach of Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal

  • Build Capacity, Visibility and Engagement to Extend the Center’s Impact on Women’s Health and Wellness
    • Increase Personnel to Accelerate the Work of the Center
    • Develop advisory (sounding) board
    • Conduct systems analysis of all center activities to identify and address areas of inequity in our operation, reach and engagement
    • Increase faculty, student and community awareness and engagement in Center activities
    • Promote center activities on campus
    • Increase Center Visibility through Website Social Media Promotions

  • Offer research, education and networking opportunities to grow the next generation of scientists, educators and practitioners in women health and wellness
    • Provide graduate and undergraduate student education experiences in women’s health and wellness
    • Build community among UNCG women scholars
    • Support women junior faculty

  • Promote healthy active lifestyles in girls and women on our campus, in our community and globally
    • Plan and Host Annual National Girls and Women in Sport Day
    • Plan additional healthy active living events for the campus and community
    • Be a resource for health and wellness education