School of Health and Human Sciences

Women’s College Alumni Survey

With funding from the Office of the Provost, the Center for Women’s Health and Wellness conducted a women’s health survey of the alumnae of Woman’s College (WC). The purpose of the study was to identify the factors that affect the quality of life and health of women as they age.

2022 Women’s Health Report Card

The Center for Women’s Health Research (CWHR) released the 12th edition on May 9, 2022. This document is a progress report on the health and health care needs of North Carolina’s 5+ million women. Research efforts that require the most attention are identified through the collection and analysis of data for the report card.

Current areas of research targeted by the Center include prevention, cancers affecting women, chronic disease (including cardiovascular health, diabetes, and obesity), women’s mental health, and substance abuse. It is the only health report of its kind in North Carolina.

Please visit the Center for Women’s Health Research at UNC for past report cards.

American College Health Association National College Health Assessment Reports

College students are a diverse yet distinct population with specific health risks and needs. Having current, relevant data about our students’ health can only help enhance our campus wide health promotion and prevention services.

Health issues surveyed include alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use; Sexual health; Weight, nutrition, and exercise; Mental health; and Personal safety and violence. Data is stratified by sex and is available at both the institutional (UNCG) and national level.