HHS Office of Research

School of Health and Human Sciences


The School of Health and Human Sciences Office of Research (OOR) advances the research enterprise through direct assistance from the OOR staff as discussed in the Pre-Award Services and Post-Award Services sections, and through other support as detailed below.  A major goal of the OOR is to work with faculty in the School of Health and Human Sciences and across the University in developing collaborative programs of work.  To this end, we welcome suggestions from faculty regarding topics they view as candidates for larger interdisciplinary proposals.  In support of interdisciplinary proposals, we can provide administrative support for bringing groups of faculty together and can help to organize the proposal writing process.

Staff in the OOR also collaborate with other groups at UNC Greensboro who are focused on interdisciplinary work, including the Child and Family Research Network, the Gerontology Research, Outreach, Workforce, & Teaching Hub, and the TRIAD Health Project, as well as the two interdisciplinary centers on campus, the Center for Youth, Family & Community Partnerships, and the Center for Biotechnology, Genomics and Health Research.

Methodological and Statistical Support

In addition to pre-award and post-award services, the OOR is available to provide statistical support to current or planned research projects. This support is available to all HHS faculty as well as HHS students to a more limited extent. This support typically includes analytical consultation for projects already underway or methodological consultation and power analysis for prospective projects.  Support for external funding proposals, including consultation for methodological design and plan of analysis, is also available. In all cases, the statistical and methodological support provided by the OOR is intended to be a collaborative effort by the faculty/student and the statistician to achieve the research goals of the investigator.
Common support roles include, but are not limited to:

  • Consultation on statistical analysis for manuscript preparation
  • Power analysis for prospective studies
  • Methodological design consultation
  • Plan of analysis consultation and/or writing for funding proposals
  • Assistance with data management plan
  • Coming onto a grant as the statistician or co-investigator
  • Training and support for electronic data storage, and online database and survey development using REDCap (redcap.uncg.edu).

Maintain and Allocate Research Space

HHS maintains and supports a number of research facilities for faculty.  Space in all university buildings is very limited, so priority for the allocation and use of research space is always given to externally funded projects.  Needs for space should be identified at the time of proposal submission and brought to the attention of the Associate Dean for Research.  All investigators are asked to send a formal request when proposals are submitted.  Whenever projects are funded, the Associate Dean for Research will work with the investigator to identify space options.  No firm commitments for space can be made until after projects receive external funding.

The HHS Office of Research does, however, make every effort to identify and make available appropriate space for all research activities, funded or not.  To facilitate both short-term and long-term planning, faculty should discuss their needs for research space with the HHS Associate Dean for Research. Please review the HHS Research Space Allocation Policy for details.

Provide Financial Support for Scientific and Editorial Review of Externally Funded Proposals

Once an externally funded proposal is written and in its final or semi-final stages, the OOR can provide financial support for scientific and/or editorial review.  This review can provide researchers with a ‘double-check’ of both their scientific and their grammatical content making for a more comprehensible, succinct and professional proposal.  Faculty should discuss their proposal review needs with the HHS Associate Dean for Research or with their pre-award contact in the Office of Research.

Guide to HHS Office of Research Services for HHS Faculty

Please review our online manual to learn about the research services and initiatives offered by the HHS Office of Research.