HHS Office of Research

School of Health and Human Sciences

The HHS Office of Research performed an equity audit of their programs, initiatives, and services to determine if there are ways they are being inequitable/maintaining status quo.  The work on this equity audit began during 2020-2021.  Here are the plan, resulting reports, action plans, and a summary of actions to date. The work is ongoing and will be reported out via email and this webpage.

Reports and Action Plans:

Special thanks to the faculty and staff who contributed to this work:

  • HHS OOR Equity Audit Working Group:
    • Dr. Bridget Cheeks (HDFS)
    • Dr. Tanya Coakley (formerly SWK; HHS RAC Member; Member Senate Equity Task Force; Provost’s Fellow)
    • Dr. Jigna Dharod (NTR)
    • Dr. Omari Dyson (PCS; member HHS Racial Equity Task Force)
    • Dr. Esther Leerkes (HHS Associate Dean for Research)
    • Dr. Tracy Nichols (PHE; co-chair HHS Racial Equity Task Force)
    • Dr. Danielle Swick (SWK; Office of Research and Engagement Faculty Fellow)
    • Dr. Amanda Tanner (PHE; HHS RAC member)
    • Lisa Walker (HHS Assistant Dean for Research Finance & Operations; HHS DEI committee member)
  • HHS OOR Staff:
    • Dr. Jeffrey Labban, Methodologist & Statistician
    • Verna Leslie, Pre-Award Research Administrator
    • April Taylor, Post Award Research Administrator
    • Hannah Hawks, former Post Award Research Administrator
  • UNCG Consultants:
    • Dr. Silvia Bettez (Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations Dept., School of Education)
    • Dr. Ayesha Boyce (formerly Educational Research Methodology Dept., School of Education)
    • Dr. Andrea Hunter (HDFS; Chancellor’s Fellow for Campus Climate)