Joint Program in Social Work

Universities of NCA&T and UNCG

We are pleased to announce that the Joint Programs in Social Work have received HRSA BHWET funding for the Integrated Behavioral Health and Racial Equity Scholars Program (PDF) in the amount of $1,920,000 to support JMSW and JPhD students 2021-2025. Congratulations to the HRSA Team on their efforts to make this funding possible! Yarneccia D. Dyson, Ph.D., MSW (Principal […]

The Joint Masters in Social Work Program (JMSW) at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University (NCAT) and The University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) is proud to offer our incoming 2021 Masters students the opportunity to become Health Resources Administration Services Opioid Workforce Expansion Program (HRSA OWEP) scholars. These scholarships provide students with a $10,000 […]