Complaint Process for Students

If you have a compliant as a student, please follow this process :

  1. First go to the UNCG (Student Affairs) Student Grievance and Appeals Policies and Procedures webpage to see if your issue is addressed.
  2. You may also choose to discuss your complaint or issue with your advisor, your department chair, or your dean in HHS. We suggest that you start with this process, unless you prefer to use one of the more formal systems in item #1 above .In some departments, there is a semester or yearly feedback session with the chair and students. In HHS, there is a monthly Talk to the Dean session. The dates and times of these meetings are posted and also linked from the HHS home page. You may go to that session and discuss your issue with the dean.

If you have a grade appeal, you must download and complete the attached form. Read and follow the instructions on the form. The University Grade appeal policy is found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

If you have questions about the UNCG or the HHS policy regarding complaints, please contact the dean’s office at Thank you.

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